The Accelerated Remote Consultation Tele-POCUS in Cardiopulmonary Assessment (ARCTICA) is an ongoing prospective and multi-center study. The objetive of this study is to assess the uptake of Point-Of-Care-Ultrasound (POCUS) virtual training of health practictioners from Northern and remote communities.

Non-conventional users of ultrasound in a geographically remote communities ( Spoke sites) receive remote training from experienced POCUS educators from a tertiary center (Hub). The intervention follows a cross-Canada Hub and Spoke Model.

Disclaimer: This infographic features a picture of Dr. James Makokis. He is not a direct participant of the ARCTICA project. His picture is being used for educational purposes to illustrate the study participants. All picture rights belong to

How ARCTICA works

(1) Accelerate virtual training of POCUS to physicians at geographically remote locations

(2) Provide virtual ongoing live-imaging consultation expertise to Northern or remote communities for continuous quality maintenance. 

Preliminary Results

Accelerated Remote Consultation Tele-POCUS in Cardiopulmonary Assessment (ARCTICA)

Training of Non-expert Users Using Remotely Delivered, Point-of-Care Tele-Ultrasound: A Proof-of-Concept Study in 2 Canadian Communities


Meet the ARCTICA Team

Nihal, Salwa-5

Dr. Salwa Nihal MD (MBBS), MPhil, MSc

Dr. Salwa Nihal graduated and practiced as a medical doctor overseas but has adopted Kingston as her home.  She did her Master’s degree in Human Physiology (2012) and completed a second Master’s degree in Anatomical Sciences at Queen’s University (2017). Dr. Nihal’s research interests lie in the development of online modules for Cardiac and Lung Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for Medical Schools.